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Real South Hunting began back in 2009-2010 when brothers Brook and Patrick Sanders started filming their hunts. Since then Real South Hunting has exploded into a hunting TV show that spotlights members who are your everyday working class hunter, weekend warriors.  The Real South members are die hard hunters who love to capture the thrill of the hunt and share it with the world. Real South Hunting is our passion, our way of life and most importantly a way for us to enjoy the great works of our Creator. We give God the praise for this journey that he has allowed us to take.


We are excited and blessed to have this opportunity.  RSH will be traveling all over the country spending countless hours outdoors capturing every moment so that we can share our story with others. We may not always be hunting in the south but we will take our southern style of hunting where ever we go.  We are committed 100% to providing the public with the most entertaining, informative and ethical footage ever produced.

Real South Hunting Team


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